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Great WWII photo of Harry Hudec 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment 82nd Airborne Division paratrooper who was a Regimental Boxing Champion during WW2. 

Harold Hudec, HQ / 508th. Harry was born in Cleveland March 16, 1922, and died on 28 March 2007. Hudec jumped into Normandy D-Day 1:30 AM and fought on the site of Hill 30 between Chef du Pont and Picauville. He was wounded in the leg on June 15 and took refuge in a farmhouse where the locals aided him and hid him for four days. With the arrival of the Germans, he escaped and rejoined the American lines to be evacuated. He jumped again in Holland on September 17 and survived the fierce fighting in the Ardennes.

Ready for a combat jump, note that he is wearing a captured German canvas MP40 machine pistol magazine pouch for use with his M1A1 Thompson magazines. On his shoulder he has his Airborne 1st Aid packet strapped to his web gear and his parachute is the updated T-7 with quick release.

His combat uniform is the M43 OD set with rigger modified canvas pockets on his trousers. On his left jump boot his M3 fighting knife is strapped to his ankle in typical Airborne fashion and he is holding his M1C Parachutist's helmet.
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(WW2 Airborne Soldier)
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Airborne Soldier#52

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