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A significant valor medal grouping covering three wars including the BB&B Co. (Bailey, Banks & Biddle Co.) serial number 32 award of the silver star medal with gold oak leaf cluster for his second award...Both silver star awards were for gallantry in combat in the Philppines.

War Department GO 34 of 1924: Richard T. Ellis, Lieutenant Colonel, Quartermaster Corps, US Army, then Captain, 33rd Infantry, US Volunteers. For gallantry in action against insurgent forces at San Jacinto, Luzon, PI, November 11, 1899.

(Second award) For gallantry in action in pursuit of superior forces of the enemy under the insurgent General Tinio, in Northern Luzon, PI, December 4-18,1899, through a most dangerous and difficult country, through hardships and exposure, thereby forcing the enemy to liberate 22 American prisoners held by them, December 18,1899.

Lt. Colonel Ellis medals:

Silver Star medal with large gold oak leaf cluster for second award (the so-called thumb nail oak leaf), medal engraved on the reverse Richard T. Ellis and serial numbered on the edge 32...French Legion of Honour medal.

Dress set of miniature Silver Star with gold oak leaf cluster, Spanish War Service medal, Cuban Occupation medal, Philippine Insurrection medal, WWI Victory medal and French Legion of Honour medal.

(Captain Richard T. Ellis Silver Star Medal Number 32)

Captain Richard T. Ellis Silver Star Medal Serial Number 32#19

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