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This website is a showcase for some of the most rare and collectible items from the collection of Ed Hicks.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these items, or would like to browse more militaria
FOR SALE contact:

Ed Hicks
Warpath Militaria...

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Battlefield Museum is an online virtual museum presenting historical military artifacts representing over 500 years of warfare from the Middle Ages through the Vietnam War.

Rolex Yacht-Master ReplicaThe collection illustrates original examples of arms and armor, uniforms, medals, insignia, headgear, edged weapons and firearms from my private collection with many shown publicly for the first time...Many artifacts are well documented and, where possible, hollywatch I will include details of the individual soldiers and servicemen who served, fought and died for their countries.

My goal is to establish an ongoing public museum exhibit with authentic artifacts available for the serious collector, military historian and casual viewer to study and enjoy...Major emphasis is on display of scarce and unusual examples from WWII and Vietnam as well as significant artifacts from the Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWI and Korean War...This is an ongoing project dedicated to the preservation and presentation of historical military war souvenirs and battlefield weapons.

As well as being available here 24/7/365 online much of this collection can be seen in my retail store by appointment at:

Warpath Military Collectibles
819 Hope Mills Road Fayetteville, NC 28304.

Best regards,
Ed Hicks

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